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Core Values of Carman

■ Go Greater Human Benefits

Achieving quality & technology-oriented customer satisfaction!

We believe that ultimate goal of technology is to serve customers for their satisfaction. Also, we believe only technology for humankind is genuine technology. We regard this belief as the core value of Carman, and we will always strive to improve quality and technology.

■ Create Difference

We believe that small differences make a big difference, which build up and lead Carman value.

All Carman staffs are committed to finding small differences and applying them to improving through every business segment. This will be realized through competitive quality and technology and more differentiated customer service.

■ Global Cooperation and Innovative Change

To cope with rapidly changing technologies and environments, we are cultivating the spirit of change through innovation and further expanding our cooperation with challenging global companies.


“Customer Oriented Technology” over 25 years!

Carman has run only one way, automotive diagnostics business.

Under the slogan of “Customer Oriented Technology”, “Quality and Technology” is our unchanging goal and value of Carman, which has led Korean automotive diagnostic market and established “Carman” stature in the global market firmly.

Now we announce that Carman will create new history expanding high value-added and cutting-edge technology, Connectivity and Electronic automotive diagnostic business, with global technical cooperation as well as accumulated technology and leading quality competiveness in order to keep pace with trends in the market.

We sincerely appreciate your constant interest, trust and encouragement to Carman again